The Dad's Letterbox Box

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If you're struggling to find something for your Dad, look no further!  This letterbox gift box contains a high quality leather keyring personalised with "Home", "Dad" or "Daddy" that he will love and a pocket sized bar of the most delicious chocolate.  Perfect for all fathers. 

What's In The Box?

Personalised leather keyring by T.W.Gill - you can choose from either  "Home in natural tan leather, "Dad" in dark blue leather or "Daddy" in forest green leather.  These beautiful, practical keyrings are handmade by Tom in Godalming, Surrey.

- AND -

Choose from two delicious chocolate bar flavours (all handmade in Ewhurst, Surrey by Kokoh)


Himalayan Pink Salt Milk Chocolate Bar - Made with the finest quality Venezuelan Single Origin 43% cocoa and Himalayan Pink Salt. Full of 84 minerals that we benefit from & one of the purest salts on our planet. (Not vegan.)


Venezuelan Milk Chocolate Bar Made with the finest quality Venezuelan Origin 43% cocoa, it tastes sublime!  (Not vegan.)


Send him a letterbox gift box with love from Surrey.

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