The Little Box Of Love


Show someone you are thinking of them by sending them a little box of love containing a spacemask and your choice of chocolate bar.  Everyone loves receiving an unexpected pressie in the post.  Sensiful boxes come beautifully wrapped and can include a handwritten note too.  Go on... make someone's day.  Send them a letterbox gift box with love from Surrey.

What's In The Box?

Jasmine Spacemask by Spacemasks - Enjoy some interstellar relaxation with a jasmine infused Spacemask distributed from Camberley.  These self-heating eye masks have calming fragrances and are made from natural materials and have 100% recyclable packaging.


Choose from four delicious chocolate bar flavours (all handmade in Ewhurst, Surrey by Kokoh)


Himalayan Pink Salt Milk Chocolate Bar - Made with the finest quality Venezuelan Single Origin 43% cocoa and Himalayan Pink Salt. Full of 84 minerals that we benefit from & one of the purest salts on our planet. (Not vegan.)


Venezuelan Milk Chocolate BarMade with the finest quality Venezuelan Origin 43% cocoa, it tastes sublime!  (Not vegan.)


Raspberry & Toasted Almond Dark Chocolate Bar - A delicious balance of flavours between the rich cocoa, sharp raspberries and toasted almond - the chocolate is brimming over with goodness as well.  (Vegan.)


Ginger Dark Chocolate Bar - A sublime bar with the finest dark chocolate bar with warming and deliciously chocolatey with notes of spice. (Vegan.)

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